What can one expect when serving on the RT Board of Directors?

1. Meetings are held monthly at a time decided by the Board, with the meetings currently held on the final Tuesday of the month from 5:30pm – 7:30pm, depending on the agenda.
2. Directors need to monitor Board communications over email and respond as appropriate. This includes reviewing monthly meeting packets housed in the Board of Directors Google Drive.
3. Committees meet on a semi-regular basis to advance the work of the Board between monthly business meetings. Board members are expected to participate in active committee work.
4. All directors attend an all-day Board retreat each year – typically in July.
5. Attendance at several Rising Tide member events throughout the year is expected – these include Celebrate Local events and other opportunities to interact informally with member-owners.
6. Attendance at a co-op or director training event to enrich the governance, strategic planning and communication skills of Board members. These are typically full-day events hosted by neighboring co-ops in Maine or around New England, and transportation and registration is covered by the annual Board