Rising Tide’s SHARE program provides a 10% discount on all eligible purchases for those who qualify, every day of the week – offering more people access to local, high-quality, natural, and sustainable foods and goods.

Click HERE for a SHARE application.

How do I participate?

  • Fill out an application. (They are available at the register or on our website.)
  • Show your member-owner card when making a purchase
  • Your discount will automatically be applied

Who is eligible for this program?

Any Rising Tide member-owner who participates in at least one of the following programs: SNAP, WIC, Pell Grants, Maine Head Start, Maine Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), MaineCare (SCHIP), and Maine Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

Which products are eligible for the discount?

The SHARE program provides a 10% discount on most products. Alcohol, sale, and Basics items are excluded, due to their everyday low price. The SHARE discount is non-stackable with other discounts. Should a member be eligible for more than one discount, they will receive whatever price or discount is better in a given instance.

How do I sign up?

Simply ask a cashier for an application. When completed, a cashier will need to finish the application with you by verifying one qualifying document of one of the programs listed above and one form of photo ID (For example: Driver’s License, EBT card, Student ID, Passport, etc). Applicants will be notified of approval status within 5-10 business days of application. The information shared during the application process will be kept confidential.

How do I use my discount?

Your discount will be linked to your member-owner card, so please give the cashier your member card or your name before every purchase. You will need to reapply for this program and pay your member equity on an annual basis to continue receiving your discount. Rising Tide will inform participants when expiration is near.

How can I pay for my groceries using SHARE?

Although qualifying for WIC and SSI qualifies you to participate in this program, we cannot accept either as a form of payment. Currently, we can accept SNAP, cash, debit/credit, and checks as payment.

Do I have to be a member-owner?

Yes, you will need to become a member-owner. You can pay the $10/year equity at the register to become a member-owner.

Who funds this program?

The SHARE program is provided by Rising Tide. It was originally introduced in 2017 and it has slowly grown over the years. The acronym SHARE stands for “Supporting Households and Reaching Everyone” and the name encompasses the purpose of the program: to increase access to healthy local foods for all.