Hello Member-Owners, 
Greetings from the Rising Tide Board of Directors. We’re coming off another strong year at Rising Tide, thanks to our great Rising Tide Team and the strong patronage by this community. As we are nearing the end of February, we are excited to update you with some Board news and invite you to become more involved. There are many exciting events on the horizon for this Spring.  
First, we are pleased to announce the addition of three new board members. Beth Polhemus, Sean O’Neill and Sara Rauschenberg. They were seated at the December board meeting after unanimous appointment by the directors. 
Beth (pictured left) has been a member of Rising Tide for 10 years and brings her small business expertise and passion for food and sustainability to the Board. After thirty years of restaurant operations she’s aware that she is still learning about the impact she can and should have as a business owner. She hopes to bring that sensibility along with enthusiasm, creativity and a heartfelt desire to contribute to the Rising Tide community to her role as a board member. Beth is looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that come with cooperative governance.
Sean (pictures right) has been a member of the Rising Tide Co-op for four years and recently joined the Board to further support co-op education and sustainable development outreach. Sean is a biologist and educates students and community members about Ocean Science Research. He is looking forward to using his experience to work and communicate with the cooperative membership
Sara (pictured below) is passionate about the quality of food and where it comes from. She believes local, sustainable food is important to the health of our planet and our society. Rising Tide promotes these values and shares her interest in educating others about responsible food choices. Sara has been a member-owner for over a decade and became a board member to play a more active role in helping the Co-op grow and succeed. She brings her analytical and organizational skills from her science career to help Rising Tide achieve its goals. She’s excited to be more involved in the Rising Tide community and looks forward to introducing others to the Rising Tide experience.
Beth, Sean and Sara are great examples of member-owners stepping into the role of board members. Member-owner participation is crucial to a healthy Board and cooperative. The Board is always looking for interested member-owners to get involved in cooperative governance. 
The Rising Tide Policy Register contains the most concise definition of the Board’s role: “Acting on behalf of our member-owners, the Board ensures that our co-op produces benefit and value, while avoiding unacceptable actions and situations.” The Board does this through the completion of monitoring reports in collaboration with the General Manager. The Board is also responsible for communicating to the membership updates, and plans for the business. Together, the member-owners, the Board and GM chart the course for Rising Tide and it’s vital role in an increasingly dynamic business climate.
If you’re interested in becoming a director, please reach out to us at board@risingtide.coop and consider applying to run in the current election. No prior board experience is necessary, we have the resources and training to make this work accessible to all. It’s a great way to get more involved in cooperative business and the community. We hope you’ll join us!
In Cooperation,
The Rising Tide Board of Directors


Information on the nominating process and applications are available at: Rising Tide Co-op Board Elections 2020.

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