Rising Tide Co-op Board Elections 2021

Elections are now open from October 4 – November 3.

Please, take time to participate in this year’s Board of Directors elections. Our cooperative grocery store operates for the benefit of our owners and is grounded in 7 common principles, which are collectively agreed upon by a global cooperative community. In voting, you are showing your commitment to Cooperative Principle 2, Democratic Member-Owner Control. 

This year, we have 4 candidates for the Board of Directors (listed below) to choose from. You must be an active owner of Rising Tide to vote. If you are not sure about your ownership status, please contact outreach@risingtide.coop.

Please, email outreach@risingtide.coop for a link to the 2021 Board of Directors and Co-op for Community ballot.

Thank you, in advance, for being a dedicated owner of Rising Tide Co-op! 


Our cooperative grocery store operates for the benefit of our owners and is grounded in 7 common principles, which are collectively agreed upon by a global cooperative community. By voting in this Board of Directors election, you are showing your commitment to Cooperative Principle 2, Democratic Member-Owner Control.

According to Rising Tide’s bylaws, there will be a total of nine (9) directors. Three directors will be elected each year at the annual meeting to fill vacancies created by directors whose terms are expiring. Directors will be elected to serve for three-year terms. No director shall serve for more than two (2) consecutive full terms.” This year’s ballot includes 1 new candidate, 1 board-appointed board member, and 2 incumbents. Rising Tide Co-op owners may vote for as many or as few candidates as they wish.




1. Hide(pronounced hee-day and short for Hideaki) Mizuno (new candidate) is delighted to be a new owner of the Rising Tide Coop, with its healthful food and other products, local producers, and the vital role it plays in the well-being of the community. Hide has over 30 years of experience in finance and investment management, working in Tokyo, New York, Paris, and Algeria, in addition to San Francisco. For the past 10 years, he has worked in the not-for-profit sector, including endowment management, development, board relationships, governance, and fiduciary responsibilities, with a recent focus on ESG (environment-, social- and governance-focused investments). He has a wife, June, a son, and a daughter who went to college in Maine and settled here. Hide is passionate about food, wine, and bluegrass music and looks forward to helping Rising Tide Co-op continue to thrive. 

2. Sara Rauschenberg(current Secretary; term expires 2024) is passionate about the quality of food and where it comes from. She believes local, sustainable food is important to the health of our planet and our society. Rising Tide promotes these values and shares her interest in educating others about responsible food choices. Sara has been an owner for over a decade and became a board member to play a more active role in helping the Co-op grow and succeed. She brings her analytical and organizational skills from her science career to help Rising Tide achieve its goals. She enjoys being more involved in the Rising Tide community and introducing others to the Rising Tide experience. 

3. Graham Walsh (current President; term expires 2024), has been a patron of Rising Tide since the early days when the location was what is now the “Women of Substance” building. He is a regular face at Rising Tide, often times visiting more than once a day to shop. Graham enjoys assisting patrons, engaging in conversation with staff and customers, and providing suggestions when appropriate. While the Shop Manager and Director of Admissions and Sales for the Apprentice Shop in Rockland, Graham oversaw daily operations, managed the physical plant, and acquired materials for traditional boat-building programs. Currently, Walsh works in Advertising at the Lincoln County News, which keeps him connected to the community on many levels.

4. Ed Ross (current board appointee; term expires 2023) and his wife, Sandra, have been year-round Damariscotta residents since 2010, and Rising Tide customers since 1980. They recognize that the member-owned co-op is one of the organizations making Lincoln County a great place to live. With his business background, Ed has a special appreciation for the hardworking farmers and small businesses partnering with Rising Tide so locally produced products can be offered. Ed hopes to be a positive contributor to Rising Tide’s board.  

What Is The Board’s Role?

The Board of Directors is the governing body for the member-owners of Rising Tide. It is composed of nine member-owners of Rising Tide, elected by the member-owners. Terms for Directors are three years. The Board is responsible for ensuring organizational performance on behalf of all of Rising Tide’s member-owners.

This work includes developing clearly stated expectations through written policies; delegating responsibility for, and authority over, the achievement of stated objectives; and monitoring compliance with written policies. By devoting time to focus on the big-picture vision of Rising Tide, the Board will ensure that we adequately position our organization for the maximum benefit of our member-owners, as well as anticipate trends and values which may have a critical impact on our relevance and survival.

We work on strategic planning, financial oversight, member-owner engagement, and community outreach.

What The Board Does Not Do.

The Board does not involve itself in operational details.  We do not make decisions about what we stock, the specifics of personnel issues, or the color of our walls.  The Board governs by declaring, through its policies, the results it wants and the actions it wants the General Manager to avoid while achieving those results.

 A strong and successful co-operative depends on a highly functional and effective Board of Directors. In order to ensure that such a Board is in place, candidates for Board positions will be asked to attend an informal “Meet and Greet” informational session with other potential candidates and current Board members. Interviews between candidates and the Nominating Committee will occur as a part of the process. Candidates who fulfill all requirements as set forth by the Board and bylaws of the cooperative will be nominated by the Board as candidates for election/or appointment.