Rising Tide Co-op 2023 Annual Election

Elections are open from October 13 -November 13

Please, take time to participate in this year’s annual elections. Our cooperative grocery store operates for the benefit of our owners and is grounded in 7 common principles, which are collectively agreed upon by a global cooperative community. In voting, you are showing your commitment to Cooperative Principle 2: Democratic Member-Owner Control. 

This year our annual ballot contains 3 questions.

The first is the election of Board Candidates. We have three open seats and three candidates.  Please vote for 3 nominees.

The second question is whether to approve changes recommended by the Board of Directors to our Bylaws. Our Co-op’s Bylaws, the foundation of our cooperative organizational structure, have served us well over the years. However, as Rising Tide has grown and evolved over the past 10 years, the Co-op’s Bylaws have not. Given this, we believe that it is time for a comprehensive update to our Bylaws. This update is both a responsible step and an opportunity for us to strengthen our Co-op’s foundation and ensure its continued success. Click HERE for current bylaws and click HERE for proposed bylaws.

The third question is to elect Co-op for Community Day Partners. Please vote for 11 nominees.

You must be an active owner of Rising Tide to vote. If you are not sure about your ownership status or have any other questions, please contact outreach@risingtide.coop.

To place your vote, click HERE. You will be taken to an external secure voting site. You must have your Member ID in order to vote. If you have questions or cannot locate your Member ID, please contact outreach@risingtide.coop.

We will also have paper ballots available in the store.

Thank you, in advance, for being a dedicated owner of Rising Tide Co-op!