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FedCo Seed Orders      

Each year, Rising Tide places a group order with Fedco. Seed Co. Click HERE for a printable .pdf of these instructions.

Everyone is invited to participate! Seed orders receive a 20% discount and the entire group order will be delivered to Rising Tide. We will be placing our order at the very beginning of February so that it will arrive in time for people to start seedlings indoors. 

Our order # is 990051The deadline for submitting your order to Rising Tide is Tuesday, January 31st.

The seed orders should arrive by early March.

Ordering online: Go to & select “Vegetable, Herbs, & Flowers Seeds“. There are search functions on the site, or you can enter item numbers from your catalog into the search box to easily find what you need. When you’re done adding items, click on “checkout,” where you’ll be able to confirm that your selections are correct – you can adjust quantities on this page if necessary.

In the shipping area, click “part of a group,” and proceed to “checkout securely.” Please enter your personal information. Be sure to enter your email address. All orders will be delivered to Rising Tide. At the bottom of the page, you’ll be prompted to enter our group order number. Our order # this year is 990051.

We are listed as “Rising Tide.” Click “continue.” On the next page, please select your preference for substitutions if your seed choices are out of stock. Please note that the default selection is ‘yes,’ so be sure to check ‘no’ if you do not want any substitutions. Once the group number is entered into your order, you will not need to input any payment information (you’ll pay for your order when it arrives here at the store). You will receive an email confirmation from FedCo of your order.

To download the FedCo Seed Catalog, click HERE.

If you know the seed stock numbers, you can also use FedCo’s Simple Form HERE.

If using the paper form: Fill out the order forms, and include the catalog number, size code, quantity, and total dollar value for each item. Please subtotal your order, but do not fill in any of the boxes below that point. Please print legibly (this is very important) and double-check your form for accuracy to ensure you receive the correct items. Please be sure to enter your email address. Return paper order forms to the front-end cashiers.

General information: All seeds are taxable and Maine sales tax applies to your entire order. You do not need to pay anything when you submit your order. Payment is due on pick up. Due to high order volume, we will be unable to accommodate backorders and unfortunately, we are unable to notify you in advance of any items on backorder or out of stock.

Because space is limited here at the co-op, we would appreciate it if you could pick up your order as soon as possible once the orders have arrived.

The group coordinator this year is Jess from the Produce Department. 

Thanks for participating!

Produce Storage Guide! 

At Rising Tide Co-op, we select the finest produce from trusted local farmers and through distributors that offer a wide number of organic choices. Our goal is to provide our customers with a variety of options while helping to build a community of sustainable local farms.

The Produce Department is dynamic with its seasonal variations. Keep an eye out for Blueberry Orders in the summer, locally grown spring and summer seedlings for your garden, pumpkins and mums in the fall, a wide assortment of local apple and winter squash varieties, and a growing supply of winter microgreens and root crops.

We appreciate our members/owners here at the Co-op and welcome your inquiries and feedback.

Jess Hunter
Produce Manager
Phone: 563-5556