Since the first week of April, Rising Tide Co-op has provided more than 6200 homemade meals to Lincoln County food pantries. These Loving Local Meals utilize local ingredients as much as possible and are intended as an approach to food security that is far-reaching and with permanent positive impacts on our local foods economy and our food-producing neighbors. More than ever before, we have been experiencing the benefits of our strong network of local producers. Rising Tide has continued to fill our shelves with local produce, meat, dairy, bread, and seafood while shelves in these departments in other stores have been sparse. We believe in growing and supporting this system and dovetailing it with feeding the broader community has been elemental.

Partnering with us in this initiative has been Morning Dew Farm and Hootenanny Bakery with weekly contributions at a reduced rate as part of their own philanthropic missions. Rising Tide member-owners and shoppers have donated over $20,000 to support this approach to addressing food security and, as you can see, the impact is important to our broader ends and values as a business. We are grateful for the alignment and support of this work.

Recently, we have been developing a collaboration with Lincoln County Food Initiative and looking at ways to streamline countywide endeavors to bring food to community members in need. Rather than duplicate all our efforts, we are hoping to act more efficiently in our use of volunteers, storage, and ordering capacity.

We are looking for volunteers!

This week, Rising Tide added a Volunteer Coordinator to our onsite team working on this project. Elizabeth Perreault, who can be reached at is volunteering her time and expertise to streamline some production and the packaging of Loving Local Meals at Rising Tide. If you are interested in helping, please let her know. It is a fun way to work in a socially distanced capacity and get to know other community members.

Rising Tide is not a non-profit, however, all contributions people have made through the store are going directly into the ingredients and packaging for these meals. Thank you for your generosity.

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