Rising Tide Loves Lincoln Local!

So let’s dive deeper into it, shall we?

As a cooperative grocery store, Rising Tide is committed to investing in our local economy. As you may know, we sell products from more than 300 Maine vendors, but did you know more than 40 of our local vendors are from right here, in Lincoln County?

To celebrate this incredible bounty, Rising Tide will be sharing information and stories about our Lincoln Local vendors and the wonderful products they make. 

Please support these amazing vendors, producers, and farmers by trying their products and help spread the word! Look for this feature on our Facebook and Instagram feeds too.


Lakin’s Gorges

If you’ve ever wanted to meet #LincolnLocal cheesemaker and farmer Allison Lakin, you’ll have your chance next week! She will be here sharing samples of her @lakinsgorgescheese in front of the store from 4-6 pm on Friday, August 13.

Lakin’s East Forty Farm sits up on a hill overlooking the Medomak River on Friendship Road in Waldoboro. After spending many years experiencing life through the curious lens of an anthropologist, Lakin turned towards the world of handcrafted cheesemaking. This is an exciting year because she is making the final transition from buying the milk from Grace Pond Farm and Springdale Farm to using only the milk of her small herd of Jerseys. Allison is the chief dairymaid and shares pig duties with her husband. This month she is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Lakin’s Gorges Cheese, which she still runs as a one-woman business.

Lakin’s love of the midcoast led to the development of her Rockweed cheese, a soft variety that uses local seaweed. The cheese is so good, it placed second at the Big E’s cheese competition and was named one of the “The 10 Best Foods of New England” by Yankee Magazine. Along with Rockweed, you can find Lakin’s Ricotta, Prix De Diane, Morgan, Opus 42, Cascadilla Bleu, and Medallion in our cheese cooler.


Goranson Farm

Jan Goranson’s potato roots grow very deep. Jan, Rob Johanson, and sons Carl and Göran are the family behind #MOFGA certified organic, #LincolnLocal Goranson Farm, located in Dresden on the Merrymeeting Bay. Jan’s parents bought the land in the 1960s to start a potato farm, following in their parent’s footsteps, who were potato farmers in Aroostook county.

Jan and Rob met one winter over Rob’s maple sap evaporator at his farm in Whitefield, where he was already experimenting with organic growing methods. The two soon joined forces and eventually transitioned Goranson Farm to a diversified vegetable farm. Building on the success of Jan’s parent’s work, Goranson Farm transitioned to a certified organic farm in the 1980s, beginning the family’s legacy of exemplary environmental stewardship.

Today, along with the next generation, they employ a crew of 10+ talented, hardworking employees year-round, and double that in the summer. The farm, Dresden’s largest employer, would not be possible without these people! The family grows a wide variety of veggies and fruit that they sell at Rising Tide Co-op, farmers’ markets, other retail establishments, a CSA, and at their bustling farm store. In the last few years, the farm has made even bigger strides towards environmental resiliency by becoming a solar-powered farm and using draft horses in daily operations- the latter brought into the business by fourth-generation farmers Carl and Göran.

We sell Goranson’s greens year-round, and a huge selection of other veggies and fruit in the spring, summer, and fall. If you ever run into any member of the Goranson family at our store, on their farm, or at a market, you will feel very fortunate- they are as sweet as their fresh harvested corn… which will arrive at Rising Tide, soon.


Sasanoa Brewing

One of only a handful of certified breweries in the country, #LincolnLocal Sasanoa Brewing is a delicious part of our local beer community. Created by our friends at MOFGA certified Tarbox Farm, which is located on the banks of the Sasanoa River on Westport Island, owners Angie Trombley and Kyle DePietro opened their brewery out of a love for beer and the environment.

When Angie and Kyle decided to move forward with a brewery they stayed committed to the organic certification, which lets customers know that Sasanoa beer is made with ingredients produced without GMOs or synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. At a time when we need to be even more mindful about the impact we make on this earth, they felt it was important to use the organic label to be transparent about their environmental impact. This is particularly significant for beer, which is made with a lot of grain, which in non-organic growing systems require a significant number of synthetic inputs that can harm ecosystems. Additionally, with that focus on sustainability, the brewery uses solar panels to help offset the energy impact of beer-making.

Angie and Kyle can be found serving their beer and chatting with guests at their outdoor farm brewery tasting room on Saturdays and Sundays, 1-6, weather permitting. They’ve also partnered with Allium Pizza, which serves artisan, Italian wood-fired pizza, to be enjoyed with any of Sansanoa’s beers. If you can’t make it out to the farm, their gorgeous bottles can be found in our beer section, with a wide selection of options to choose from.

Since the brewery opened in 2017, we’ve always had a plethora of Sasanoa beer options at Rising Tide. Right now, we have Sasanoa’s Volume 1 Saison, Back River Farmhouse Ale, Hop Barn, Tiny Farm, Big Island Saison, and Lime Basil. Learn more about Sasanoa on their website: Sasanoa Brewing.


Straw’s Farm

#LincolnLocal Straw’s Farm has been a steward of conserved Newcastle farmland since 1981. Straw’s has been a major part of the Rising Tide Co-op family since they began selling their milk here, in 1987. Started by Lee Straw, this MOFGA certified, diversified livestock farm is now owned and run by Lee and his son, Aran.

In addition to the A2 certified organic Jersey milk and eggs we sell at the co-op, the folks at Straw’s raise pigs and are well known for their sheep. Lee’s been raising sheep for 5 decades and has passed the tradition down to Aran. The sheep are grazed on Straw’s pasture and on the neighboring lands surrounding the farm, as well as a flock that lives on an island off the coast. The island sheep, Lee will tell you, make the best moms.

Straw’s dairy herd is small and is milked once a day, in the morning. If you’re ever within earshot of the farm when Lee brings the cows into milk, you’ll definitely hear him calling his milking herd into the parlor. In addition to being certified organic, these Jerseys are specially bred to produce only the A2 protein, making their milk more easily digested.

We carry their delicious, raw, unpasteurized milk in our dairy section, with quart and half-gallon glass and plastic jugs, available. We also carry their eggs, which come in dozen containers.


Morning Dew Farm
For our inaugural #LincolnLocal feature, we are kicking things off with our friends at Morning Dew Farm. We bought our first bunch of Morning Dew carrots in 2005 and we’ve been growing together, ever since!
Owners Brady and Brendan use a simple motto to guide their work: “Keep it delicious and keep it local!”
You can find their microgreens in our produce section all year, with a plethora of veggies available in the spring, summer, and fall.
We are so grateful for the culinary, economic, and social contributions the whole crew at Morning Dew Farm make in our community. Give them a honk of appreciation when you drive by the farm, on Route 1, across the street from Reunion Station!

Hootenanny Bread
Hootenanny Bread owner, Derek DeGeer, has been in the baking business since 2011 and sharing his bread with the Rising Tide Co-op community since 2013. Like so many of our #LincolnLocal friends, Hootenanny has grown alongside Rising Tide Co-op, sharing a kind of symbiotic dance of business and community. But if you ask about his baking career, Derek will tell you about his life in art.
A lifelong lover of art with a master’s degree in fine arts, Derek began making and teaching art after moving to Maine several years ago. Following a transformational experience attending the Maine Grain Alliance’s annual Kneading Conference, Derek dipped his hand into the world of artisanal bread. While giving his experimental loaves away to students in a movement class he taught, one student ignited an entrepreneurial flame that has sustained his bakery business fire for a decade. That particular student-owned 30 Acre Farm and encouraged Derek to sell his bread at the Damariscotta Farmers’ Market. He soon began the Hootenanny farmers’ market legacy, selling loaves and playing his ukulele to adoring customers and his business has been growing ever since. The rest is, as they say, history.
You can find Derek delivering his delicious bread at Rising Tide Co-op on Wednesdays and Fridays, with a large variety of options available. If you’re out and about, you can also find him at the Damariscotta, Boothbay, Bath, and Brunswick farmers’ markets. We are so grateful for Derek’s enthusiasm and dedication to our arts and food community. If you see his van around town, give him a honk of appreciation!

Oxbow Brewing
Now featuring tasting rooms in several locations throughout Maine, this popular brewery got its start right here in Lincoln County on Jones Woods Road in Newcastle, where all the company’s delicious beer is still brewed.
Right now, you will find their Classic Lager, Farmhouse Pale Ale, and Surf Casting in our cooler. You can also find their bottled Pinkette, which is an amazing farmhouse, aged with cherries, on our shelves.
We love the crew at Oxbow Newcastle and are so grateful for the tasty and fashionable contributions they make to our community. Give them a honk of appreciation when you drive by!