2022 Food Co-op Impact Report

By: Co+op

Together We Can Change Things

Food co-ops are community-owned grocery stores with the power to drive BIG change.

How big? We have a vision for our food system that prioritizes people’s well-being — from the fields to factories, cashiers to cooks, and everyone in between. We are working towards the day when everyone can eat delicious, nutritious food produced and sold in ways that are good for people and restorative to the environment and our climate.

We have what it takes to dream big because food co-ops are grassroots organizations that are powered by democracy. Each food co-op can grow and change as the community’s needs change, not when investors change their minds. Anyone, and everyone, is welcome to shop at the co-op, apply for a job and join as a member. Co-ops exist to serve their members and their community — this approach is our biggest strength.

To read the full report,  you can view it on the National Co-op Grocers website HERE.