Rising Tide’s Response and Updates:

As the situation with Covid-19 changes by the day and even the hour, Rising Tide is working to adjust and meet the needs of our community in the safest and most sustainable ways that we can. In addition to significantly increased sanitation protocols in the store, we have been and are taking several other steps to help support the measures and guidelines from the CDC and other government and health agencies.

As always, your support of your co-op will ripple into the community. Thank you for your commitment to a strong local economy that supports your neighbors.

Of important note are these developments:

  1. Starting April 23, Rising Tide will be opened to the public again! Store hours will be 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, with 9:00 am – 10:00 am RESERVED for seniors and individuals ar risk.  All other Shoppers can come in after 10:00 am.
    We will have to limit the number of people in the store at one time,
    but we sure will be happy to see you again! 

  2. Curbside Ordering is STILL available.  We will be doing this from 11:00 am -7:00 pm,  Monday through Friday. Orders must be placed by 7 pm for next day pick up. YOU now get to choose your pick-up time and you can order up to 10 days in advance. 

  3. We will also proceed with our commitment to providing free hot soup and bread in our parking lot from 11:00-1:00, Monday through Wednesday, with Salty Boyz Food Truck, then offering free food 11:00-1:00, Thursday through Sunday. In addition, we are making Loving Local Meals starting next week that will be distributed to people in need in Lincoln County. Thank you for your contributions to help make this possible.

  4. The 10% Senior Discount for Member-Owners will be honored on Tuesday only. 

  5. We will be closed on Sunday.  This will enable better restocking of products, a deeper cleaning process each evening, and take some stress off of Rising Tide staff. 

  6. Social Distancing guidelines and expectations are in place.
Store Etiquette Reminders:
  • Don’t come into the Co-op if you are exhibiting symptoms of illness.
  • If you are ill, please order online and/or have someone else do your shopping or pick up your order for you. Lincoln County will deliver groceries ordered via curbside. Orders must be placed on Tuesday or Thursday for Wednesday or Friday delivery.
  • Please remember CDC recommendations to provide at least 6’ distance between yourself and others. This includes respecting the space of Rising Tide staff.
  • Sanitize your hands before entering or as you enter the Co-op. We have a station just inside the doors. Or, wash your hands thoroughly in the bathroom.
  • Only touch the products you intend to buy.
  • Respect staff members’ personal space and be aware of social distancing guidelines.
  • Consider using electronic payment if possible.
  • One shopper per household per trip (children or those who need a helper are allowed as well).
  • Please do not linger while visiting the store. If you see a friend outside, please move away from the entrance where there is more space to talk. Sources are acknowledging that grocery staff is on the front lines during this pandemic. It is important to limit their exposure to germs and having congestion in the store entrance increases the potential for problems.
  • Please try to limit trips into the store. Plan your shopping trip for several days or for the week ahead.  We love and miss you, too, but having a lot of people around the building is stressful.

Additional actions Rising Tide is taking for the community’s safety:

  • A greeter is stationed at the door to answer your questions, direct shopper traffic, and limit the number of customers in the store at one time. Please respect their requests.
  • Arrows on the floor direct traffic to limit contact between customers. Please also note and adhere to floor markings meant to help guide physical distancing.
  • We have added hand sanitizer pumps to various locations in-store.
  • We continue to sanitize carts between uses and other surfaces in the store on a regular schedule throughout the day.
  • Our Front End staff are sanitizing the grocery belt frequently.
  • No product returns.
  • Reusable shopping bags are allowed, but you must pack them yourself to reduce cashier contact. Please do not bring your own bulk containers.
  • Hot Bar and Salad Bar, including coffee service, are suspended but Grab ‘n Go and Bakery items are available.
  • Bulk products are being transitioned to repacked sizes.

Covid-19 Updates and Answers to Your Questions:
Will you be closing the store completely?
We know some people are wondering if we will shut the store completely. Not at this time. We are an important resource for our community for food, wellness products, and a sense of stability. We have a staff that needs an income and we are an important outlet and income source for a large number of local producers and vendors who also continue to need us during this time. With that said, we will continue to work to find ways to limit the amount of time and proximity that the staff has with customers. This has already included reducing hours and expanding the days that seniors can use their discount.
Can I special order items in Bulk and other departments?
Due to the fact that our deliveries have been very limited, we have currently suspended Special Order. Department managers are stretched but will try to get back to you and meet your needs. Your patience and understanding are much appreciated.
What are you doing to disinfect your store and for the health of Rising Tide customers and employees? Will you offer a time when just populations of shoppers at greater risk can shop?
We have reduced our hours in order to take care of staff as well as have the time and space to do a deeper cleaning. We are sanitizing frequently touched and public surfaces throughout the day and ask that customers also take time to wash their hands. Hand sanitizers are available and we will make that option available as soon as we have them again. During the hours we are closed, we are also doing a deeper clean of the store.
In terms of providing a time for certain populations to shop, based on the Governor’s Mandate on March 31st, Rising Tide’s square footage falls into the category of examples which include gas stations and convenience stores and would only allow us to have 5 customers in the store at one time. This would be very difficult to control and could cause line outside, which is not safe either. In addition, limiting our hours has been an important step to take care of our employees. We are offering the curbside option in hopes that this can meet the needs of our community while maintaining social distancing guidelines.
We hope that this finds you and your loved ones doing well. This is a very difficult time. Normally, we come together for support, and right now we are needing constantly to be apart.  We are grateful for your understanding as we adjust to the current circumstances and work to keep everyone safe. Please be kind to each other and to the staff that are staying on the front lines in order to offer you food and support.
Be well,
The Rising Tide Team

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