Community Outreach

Outreach is a vital part of telling the co-op story. Rising Tide supports this effort by bringing accessible mission driven education to our community. In alignment with the fifth co-op principle; education, training and information. We are proud to work with local educators to offer a variety of workshops, classes, monthly community talks and co-op store tours. During the months of January and May 2019 we hosted 84 classes, workshops, talks and events.

Check out the list of classes and events on our Calendar Page!

Would you like to teach a class at Rising Tide? Email our Outreach Team to find out more details.

Donations and sponsorships are an important way in which we engage our community as well. During 2018 Rising Tide donated $32,357 in cash, goods and gift cards. The co-op also proudly sponsors many local organizations.
Our outreach goals for the future are to continue education efforts that tell our story, engage the community on in alliance with our mission statement and encourage new membership.
Email our Outreach Team Here!


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