The Bulk Department at Rising Tide Co-op is steeped in our very beginning and has expanded and grown dramatically over the years with strong community support and nurturance. Bulk has mycelium-like roots, capable of spreading and cropping up in areas around the co-op where the conditions dictate, such as with our bulk soaps and shampoos, in collaboration with the Wellness Department.

Member Owners have made the Bulk Department what it is today, not only with buying preferences, but with your voices, ideas and loyalty to buying in bulk at the co-op. It’s clear our community has an understanding of Rising Tide’s mission, which ideally informs our choices in which options to offer in the bins.

The Rising Tide Bulk Department offers a wide selection of flours, nuts, granola, pastas, rice, popcorn, snacks and other items, as well as an extensive bulk tea and herb section. If you do not see a favorite item, please ask, and we may be able to special order it.

Our Bulk Department highlights relationships with three other major cooperatives: Equal Exchange, Tierra Farm and Frontier. We also strive to do as much with local farms and suppliers as possible, recently bringing in Natural Dawning, Gryffon Ridge and Homegrown Herb and Teas. We carry organic Maine grown rice, beans and grains whenever available. Over the years, with Member Owner support, we have phased out some non-organic items and replaced them with healthful options, staying in line with the Co-op’s mission.

Our Bulk Department takes environmental and economic sustainability very seriously and has phased out plastic tubs and bags. We offer an alternative in the biodegradable cellophane bags, sustainably sourced from cottonwood trees. In the past two years, shoppers have been using noticeably fewer bags of any kind in favor of their own jars and containers. This observation fills my heart with joy and indicates how powerful we are as a cooperative working together.


Lisa Burke
Bulk Department Manager
Phone: 207-563-5556
Email: lisa.b@risingtide.coop

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