Become a Member-Owner!

Rising Tide is a cooperatively owned business, governed by its member-owners.  Rising Tide operates for the mutual benefit of all member-owners.  When people need something they can’t get easily or at a reasonable cost, they can start a co-op to get it.  Cooperation is a powerful tool to help communities meet local needs.


A cooperative business dedicated to being a trusted community-based resource for high-quality, natural, sustainable foods and goods.
Become a co-owner with a $10* Investment. 

Co-op Member-Owners have certain rights and responsibilities such as:

  • Electing the Board of Directors
  • Reviewing reports on financial performance at the annual meeting and in the newsletter
  • Running for the Board of Directors (unless employed by the co-op)
  • Voting for changes in the articles and bylaws as proposed by the Board of Directors
  • Attending Board meetings
  • Participating in occasional member surveys

*$10 paid annually until full equity is met. ($250)

Interested in becoming a Member-Owner? Contact Rising Tide today or start the process the next time you are at the registers in-store!