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Becoming a Member-Owner

By joining Rising Tide, you are making a commitment to support a cooperatively owned business in which YOU, the member-owners, actively participate in shaping the priorities and direction of the cooperative. Your investment entitles you to elect members to the Board of Directors, as well as many other benefits.

Member-Owner Benefits:

  • Get 10% off of a rotating selection of items throughout the store through our Member Sales program – see our Deals page for current member sales.
  • Member-Owner Appreciation Weeks 4 times a year when you get 10%  one shopping trip (per week; no further discounts on sale items). Check our events calendar to see upcoming dates.
  • Vote on the Board of Directors
  • Vote on nonprofits supported through our Co-ops for Community Day program
  • Receive a free Rising Tide reusable shopping bag when you join
  • Receive the Rising Times newsletter via email.
  • Receive a patronage dividend in years when the Co-op has taxable net income
  • Eligibility to run for a seat on the Board of Directors
  • New member-owners receive additional coupons upon joining

Responsibilities of Co-op Ownership:

  • Stay informed via the newsletter and website
  • Participate through voting, economically by patronizing the Co-op, and providing informal feedback
  • Purchase $10 shares annually or all 250 shares at once ($250) to become a Co-op Invested Owner, providing critical capital for new services and equipment.

How to Join:

An Equity Share for your Ownership in Rising Tide Community Market costs $250.  This consists of 250 shares, and can be purchased in the following ways:

  1. Purchase $10 in shares annually until you reach the $250 Equity Investment (25 payments)
  2. Purchase all 250 shares at once for $250 and become an Invested Owner of the Co-op
  3. Pay off remaining equity at any time to reach $250 (250) shares

Member-owners who pay their entire Equity Share up front receive a free recycled cotton Rising Tide grocery bag. Member-owners choosing the annual payment option receive a regular Rising Tide grocery bag. Member-owners paying equity annually must keep their payments current to receive benefits such as Member-Owner Appreciation Week discounts and voting in co-op elections. Equity Shares are non-transferable. An Equity Share can be refunded at the Board of Directors’ discretion.

Interested in becoming a member-owner of Rising Tide? Ask your cashier next time you are in the co-op and they can get you started!

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