IMG_4559At Rising Tide we know meat. From chicken to beef, sausage to stew meat, we believe in stocking our store with cuts from local farmers and national producers whose practices we trust.  We know our farmers and their stories.  We know  that Dan of Wee Bit Farm is passionate about highlander cattle.  We know that Aaron and his wife Carley of Tide Mill Farm raise their animals on land that’s been in Aaron’s family for 8 generations.  We know that that Caldwell Farm has been a hub for thoughtfully-raised cattle in Tuner, ME for over 65 years.  We know Maine-ly Poultry sells all-natural chickens that they raise in Warren and process in Gardiner and that Scott and Tracy operate Greaney’s Turkey Farm where they work alongside their three children Emily, Ben and Adam.  We believe in carrying products that are local, organic, free-range, antibiotic-free, and/or grass-fed because we know how great meat can taste when the land, the animals, and the customer are treated with care.

Got a question or interested in seeing a specific product?  Ask us!  Our staff is here to help you make the best meat choice for your family’s meal!

Our Maine-Based Suppliers:

Maine-ly Poultry – Gardiner
Caldwell Farm – Turner
Wee Bit Farm – Orland
Tide Mill Farm – Edmunds
Greaney’s Turkey Farm – Mercer

Interested in learning more about other Maine-made products we carry? Check out our interactive Maine Suppliers Map!

Are there other local products you want to see on our shelves? Let us know!

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