cheeseandwine2In an interview with The Splendid Table, Cheese-monger Steve Jenkins said, “Cheese is a living, breathing substance. It is the purest and most romantic link between humans and the earth.”  We agree.  Our cheese collection, which ranges from Maine-made to international, is a reflection of creativity our cheese-makers, the perfection of their processes, and the lushness of the land where their suppliers grazed their cows, goats, and sheep.  Visit our “Cheese Island” for favorites like Hahn’s End’s aged cow cheeses, Maplebrook mozzarella, and Appleton goat cheese marinated in olive oil (a 1999, 2004 and 2006 American Cheese Society winner)!

Feeling timid about trying something new?  We sell sample-size chunks of cheese perfect for lunches or snacks.  We also have a cheese-buyer whose passionate about her products, able to answer questions, and happy to help!

Our Maine-Based Suppliers:


Hahn’s End cheese – Phippsburg
Fuzzy Udder Creamery cheese – Whitefield
Lakin’s Gorges cheese – Rockport
Appleton Creamery goat cheese – Appleton
Fredrikson Farm goat cheese – China (seasonally available)
Sunset Acres Farm & Dairy cheese- Brooksville
Seal Cove Farm cheese – LaMoine
York Hill Farm cheese – New Sharon
Beryl Marton & Company cheese (producer/distributor) – Ogunquit
Sonnental Dairy (Amish) cheese – Smyrna Mills

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Interested in learning more about other Maine-made products we carry? Check out our interactive Maine Suppliers Map!

Are there other local products you want to see on our shelves? Let us know!

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